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Laravel团队正式宣布他们将在9月8日发布Laravel8,他们指从Laravel 7.x升级只需10-15分钟。


Laravel 8 将添加一些不错的新功能,包括改进的维护模式,如果更新您的.env文件,则不再需要手动重新启动 php artisan serve ,新的 Bus :: dispatch ,对 factoriesseeders 进行了重大重构,还有一些尚未宣布的更大功能。


The Laravel team just announced that they are planning to release Laravel 8 on September 8th, and they are expecting the upgrade time to be about 10-15 minutes from Laravel 7.x.

Since Laravel 6, the framework has switched to semantic versioning and follows a designated release process. This means that every 6 months is a new first number release (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc), and in between is patch releases.

Laravel 8 is going to feature some nice new additions including an improved maintenance mode, no longer having to manually restart php artisan serve if you update your .env file, a new Bus::dispatch, a big refactor to factories and seeders, and a few more bigger features that haven’t been announced yet.

Taylor will be going through Laravel 8 at Laracon on August 26th, so be sure and get your ticket and watch it live.

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